Thank you for your interest, we are an equal opportunity provider and firmly believe in the power of we!

How it works:

We are a first-of-its-kind e-commerce event planning and production service provider designed and created by Tom Noel, one of America’s leading event designers. We have been providing our services successfully since 2008.  As a part of our team, you will not be burdened with preparing individual proposals or presentations for any of our customers. We manage all customer communication, billing and follow-up. Our revolutionary system efficiently and effectively allows you to do what you do best and we take care of the rest!
Upon submission of your Tryout application one of our Scouts will review and contact you to set up a consultation. With the basic information you provided, we will create and send your Team Profile. Your Team Profile is a two-way document that outlines your services offered and terms herein. Additionally we will train you on our comprehensive booking, production and compensation system. As a team member, you are now eligible and will be sent invitations to our Happenings. All Happening details and payment information will be provided in the invite. The choice is always yours to accept or decline. We are expanding our Teams and in order to do so we are offering a one year enrollment at no cost to you.
We thank you for your consideration and look forward to playing together!

Team Tryouts Application

  • Please select the services you offer.
  • Please describe the services you offer. We have a diverse offering of venues and services, and are continuously searching for Team members to fill venues and Positions in our current and coming soon locations, while in tandem are eager to evaluate new cutting edge services outside of our current offering that we can offer our customers! Whether you are a beautiful venue in the park serving customers for decades, a passionate photographer with an absolute desire to make happy clients, or you offer a service outside the box, let us know about what you do, what makes you unique and why you would like to join our Team!
  • Feel free to share any relevant documentation.