We thank you all for the opportunity to plan and produce your beautiful Washington, DC Wedding! This is your Wedding Profile. In it you all will find all of the details for which you all have selected. To access the various sections of your Wedding Profile, simply hover over the “My Account” in the upper right hand corner and a menu with links to the various sections will appear. It is our pleasure to make your Wedding planning process as easy as possible. We understand as planning proceeds changes may be required. Your Profile allows you all to request additions and changes very easily. Simply make your request below the fields you wish to change / add accordingly. After you all have updated your profile, click on the Submit button found at the bottom of the section. Upon submission the team will begin to process your request. Kindly allow up to 24 hours per submission. Upon review, all items confirmed will be added to your Wedding Profile section and if applicable, billing will be updated respectively. If a request is unobtainable, you all will receive an email with an explanation and alternative options for you all to consider.

At, it is our goal to exceed expectations. We understand the importance of communication being able to capture your vision. Under each item in your Wedding Profile sections, there are areas for you to insert comments as well as share files. This allows for you all and the team to share and access information. Whether it is images you all provide for direction for your personal flowers or cakes, to music or video files for your entertainment, from transportation particulars to scheduling, your client portal is the ultimate organizational tool. Upon your submissions, we will be notified of the additions and proceed accordingly. The scheduling platform becomes active 6 – 4 weeks prior to your wedding date. Please feel free to add and amend your Wedding Profile at will leading up to this time. The team will review your complete file and any items that are missing we will request within that 4 – 6 weeks period.

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