Create your Happening with a world class event designer. Tom Noel’s vast understanding of timeless traditions and an innovative eye for the future. We believe great Happenings are turning your visions into reality. offers a simple solution to a complicated process.

To Get Started simply select Ceremonies, Receptions, Elopements, Weddings, Vow Renewals, Proposals or Events on the option bar above the map. If at any time you require help, our Event Planners are standing by.
Select your city of interest on the map. We have highly iconic and reputable locations across the country all verified through our thorough Certification Process, providing breathtaking backdrops to your Happening.
Pick one of our Tom Noel designed all-inclusive packages or, build a custom package tailored to your specific needs by your self, or with the help of our Event Planners . All packages have been carefully tested and proven with spectacular results.
Select additional products and services. From food, to flowers, to photography, we offer a full range of Certified services and products to fulfill all of your Happening needs. As always, our Event Planners are at your service to provide information or inspiration!
We are happy to assist with your existing products or services. If you already have a product or service arranged, simply omit that item at this time and you will be able to add it to your Profile.

Follow steps 1, 2, 3, & 4 and then you are well on your way to your perfect day! If along the process you should require some assistance, our expert team of specialists are available to answer any questions you might have.


You have created your Happening; Now it’s time to bring it to life! With the complete planning and production process is accessible to you from any place, any time. You have total control with the full confidence of execution under Tom Noel’s talented team to assist and guide all the way!

Fill out the required information to complete your Happening. Privacy is paramount. At, we will not share any of your information without your direct consent.
Choose your Reservation Type: Selecting Pending Reservation will immediately email your Happening details and record locator, as well as, offer a consultation with your Event Planner. Feel free to share your Happening with others and when you are ready to start our services, simply click on Reserve.
*Note: A Pending Reservation does not hold a reservation or engage services. Upon selecting Reserve, you will be immediately directed to pay a 5% deposit. This officially engages our services and lets the planning process begin! Now that you are a client, our team will begin to secure your date, time, & location details.
*Note: If we are not able to provide you with the date, time, & location requested, your deposit is 100% refundable.
Your Client login Information is sent. Your Client Login provides access to your Profile, which contains everything you have ordered and all key billing information. You can make changes to whenever you desire, cut/paste photos, video, or songs, review menus and do much more to refine your vision. Your Event Coordinator in conjunction with the Event Coordination team, is available to assist you in preparing and refining any of the preliminary details.
Your personal Event Manager will be introduced six weeks prior to your Happening,Your Event Manager is most knowledgeable on all of your specific details and is there to guide and assist you. Your Event Manager is the liaison between you and all your products and services. Your Event Manager will confirm your complete Team 72, 48, & 24 hours prior to your Happening and will empower our vast Team resources, in the case that a backup Team member is required.
Through your Profile you can schedule a complete Walk-Through of your Happening. Depending on your Happening particulars this is done typically one-month to one-day prior. Upon confirmation of your Walk- Through your Event Manager will confirm and introduce you to your Location Manager. The Location Manager is your in-person contact, an expert on your location and the day of coordination. You will be given a map-link with a specific meet location. Working with your Event Manager, the Location Manager will walk you through the entire Happening and review schedule as well as oversee all day of location logistics. You will be given a map-link with a specific meet location. Your Location Manager will walk you through the entire Happening and review schedule.
Your Plan is in place! Now, its time to make the magic happen! Two hours prior, your Event Manager will contact you with confirmation that your Team and all details are in order. Your Location Manager will arrive to the designated meet location (map-link provided) one hour before and will review locations, get into position to check-in Team Members and report to your Event Manager. The Location Manager will now be in position to accept you and your guests, while your Event Manager is carefully watching over all the details.


On the morning of your big day, you can wake up peaceful and excited knowing all of your work is done and you will be able to attend your Happening as a guest worry free! Now, comes the fun!

Knowing your efforts in planning have been put into motion by the knowledgeable and capable team, enjoy this time by getting ready to be with your guests, as you prepare to attend your Happening. Everything else, we have covered as we stand by Tom Noel’s philosophy that, “a well produced event allows clients to attend their own event as a key-guest with worry-free, knowing and believing that everything is being tended to their satisfaction”. With both your Event Manager and On-Location Manager overseeing everything, you will be fully immersed in enjoying your day’s events as they unfold. Our Team celebrates when your Happening exceeds your expectations! At, we believe that memories are our true gold. It is with great pleasure and honor that we were able to help you create and produce a beautiful life long memory for you and your’s.

  • Shannon these pics are Phenomenal! There are truly no words that I can express My Gratitude to you and Jim and Steve. You made our day Flawless. A Million Thanks. God bless and I will Certainly Recommend your services to everyone. Thanks again Renee and Gilbert. 

    Renee & Maxwell
  • From the moment I called them they Kept In Constant Contact with me. I had Every Questioned Answered and Felt Assured that anything I wanted I could have as far as extra services. I appreciate that everyone involved from the planner to the photographer were Very Enthusiastic about my day, even though I know they do this a Million Times A Year, well a thousand. Haven’t received the photos yet or else I would rate them 5.0 overall.

  • Firstly, both myself and my new husband would love to say a Massive Thank You for yours and your teams efforts and contributions to making our Special Day the Most Perfect ever. we are both Extremely Pleased with how everything went and we most definitely feel this is down to all of I Do New York’s efforts in Capturing Our Dreams. Please also pass on our thanks to the Florist and too the Harpist. The Music Was Beautiful and the Flowers Just Perfect. I am just disappointed i couldn’t bring my bouquet home and it had to be left in NYC.

    Karli & Ross
  • We are still getting comments on how Wonderful our Wedding ceremony was – Elegant but Simple and Relaxed, exactly what we wanted and your team was responsible for making it happen. Thank You again for everything you did!

    Mark & Cecile
  • Hi Tom! We just wanted to take some time to say thank you for everything! Our Wedding Day Was Everything We Hoped It Would Be.  Our guests had a Lovely Time and Tavern on the Green Handled The Event Beautifully.Thank you for everything you did to make sure that all the Details Were In Place.  We are looking forward to seeing the pictures and video! We were actually wondering where the cakes came from?  They Were Wonderful and we would be interested in using that company in the future. Thanks Again For Everything.
  • Thank You for the organization of the wedding, Everything Was Perfect and we really enjoyed that day. It was Very Easy to organize the wedding with them. That was the most important for us – Everything Went Smoothly. I think it was perfect. It is an Easy way to Organize the ceremony. Actually, the Couple Does Not Have To Do Anything, respect to the ceremony. Thanks for everything.

    Fernando & Eva
  • Sometimes the attention to detail and responsiveness was a bit lacking earlier in the process but this reflects that they have to keep the costs low. On the day, the Event Was Perfect, the Staff Were Amazing and the Photographer and Officiant were Absolutely Fabulous. Overall I would Highly Recommend the Idoteam to organize a NYC wedding.

  • I Was Very Happy With Everything. This was a last minute surprise ceremony and it went all according to plan. Everyone Was Very Helpful, especially considering the tight schedule. The Officiate and Photographer Were Great. I would Definitely Recommend I Do Celebrate to everyone.

  • Thank You! You made the Most Romantic proposal! Greetings from #Mexico !!

    Viri Alvarez

  • I just wanted to say once again Thank you so so much for all you did for us on and before December 20th. We really have asked for a more Beautiful Day. Everything was Perfect and that was down to you Shannon, so thank you so much.

    Catherine & Barry

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