The first step is to create your special day. Visualize how you would like your event to go. We offer a multitude of iconic locations across the country providing breathtaking backdrops to your happening. The range of our services is incredible, from the timeless traditions of beautiful flowers to cutting edge things such as live-casting your wedding across to globe to your loved ones. Pick one of our all-inclusive packages thoughtfully designed by Tom Noel, put together your own custom package within our careful designed service selection, or let one of our expert wedding specialists guide you through the full process.


With your the perfect location selected and package tailored just for you, you simply reserve, pay a small deposit and watch the magic happen, as we kick into gear to plan and produce your special day. IDoCelebrate will be your on stop shop for all of services, and your event manager oversees it all, serving as your singular point of contact for your wedding planning and production. During this stage, you will have access to your own private area, within which you will add color to the outline you created with your package, such as selecting the type and color of flowers you desire, the whether you want a violinist or cellist performing, the food you would like served.




Your special day is here and everything is ready to go. The wedding has been meticulously planned to your likings, your team is prepped and schedule in place. You are the host that put the vision together. Everything else, we have you covered, with our on-location management overseeing everything so you can fully immerse yourself and enjoy your special moment. All you have to do now, is attend.