Happening Additions - Floral

The following section has additional floral items that can be included upon request. Once floral services have been successfully added, you all will be able to update your Client Portal with your suggestions for floral. This can include suggestions on the types of flowers, colors, arrangements styles, pictures of flowers and arrangements that you like, etc. nnUpon submission the noel.events team will begin to process your request. Kindly allow up to 24 hours per submission. Upon review, all items confirmed will be added to your details section in black. And if applicable, billing will be updated respectively. If a request is unobtainable, you will receive an email with an explanation and alternative options for you to consider.
  • Please select all additional florals you all would like to add to your Happening.
  • If quantity desired is not listed above, please include floral type and desired quantity below.