Federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness System

The Federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program is regarded as three loan forgiveness programs offered to Texas instructors. If you’re not entitled to the program that is federal please review the Teach for Texas Loan Repayment Assistance while the Public provider Loan Forgiveness Program.

You’ll be able to speak to your loan servicer for more information. Financing servicer is a company that handles the payment along with other solutions on the student that is federal loan.

Tips about Searching the TCLI Directory

To qualify for addition into the TCLI Directory, a campus should be based in a region this is certainly qualified to receive Title I funds as well as the campus enrollment of economically disadvantaged pupils needs to be more than 30%. The list is updated yearly, so campus eligibility can transform from 12 months to year.

Before looking, make certain you are entering the title for the campus as it seems within the TEA ASK Ted district and school locator.

Whenever looking the TCLI directory use simply the part that is first of title, for instance, if the institution is known as Highland Park Elementary you’d search the directory under “Highland”.

Whenever searching by location leave the true tribal lenders installment loans name regarding the school blank and go into the title of this county.

Federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness Process

Follow these actions to accomplish the Federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness process:

  1. See the eligibility demands for the Federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program.
  2. If you’re qualified fill out the application form available on Federal Student help site .
  3. Have actually the principle administrative officer sign the application. The principle administrative officer is the present superintendent, principal, assistant principal, hr workers or manager, or any other equivalent during the region you will be or had been utilized by.
  4. Print your college title exactly as it seems within the directory in TCLI directory.

Mail the job to your entity repaying your loan, or guarantor. Print photocopies on your own. Keep consitently the date and target of where and when you mailed the job.

Information about Guarantors

To locate your guarantor, do one of several after:

  • Call your loan provider.
  • Look your information up utilizing the National Student Loan information System. A Federal Scholar Aid ID is needed. You are able to obtain or recover your ID during the Federal Student site.

Your guarantor makes a dedication of one’s eligibility within 45 times of receipt regarding the application.

In the event that you be eligible for loan forgiveness, you obtain notification with this approval as well as your loan owner receives payment (for the forgiveness quantity you be eligible for).

Should you not be eligible for a loan forgiveness, your guarantor notifies you regarding the denial with a conclusion of why you would not qualify.

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