Happening Questions

Q: How much do Happenings cost?

A:  Happenings range in price, the choice is yours! Creating and planning events shouldn’t cost a fortune, and SHOULD be accessible to everyone.

During the booking process, whether you are choosing one of noel.event’s packages or customizing your own.

Q. How long will it take to plan my Happening?

A: The beauty of noel.events is that you can Create and Reserve in real time! Upon Reserving we will secure your Happening with 2 – 28 hours depending on your particulars.

Not only do we save you money, but we save you time as well- gone are the days of spending weeks or months to plan an Happening!

Q: Do dates and times change the price of my Happening?

A: Just like the travel industry, yes. We have dynamic pricing and we turn those savings back to you.

Q: Are all of noel.event's Happenings outdoors?

A: Absolutely not! All Happenings, proposals, ceremonies, receptions, vow renewals, corporate events, and parties are both, indoors and outdoors. We also provide weather contingency plans, if you have chosen an outdoor event. noel.events prides in working closely with our clients to safeguard their dreams and creating a splendid event.

Q: How far in advance do I need to book my Happening?

A : We typically like one month prior to two years.

Q: How far in advance do I need book my destination wedding?

A: We recommend 30 days in advance. Many of our clients are international, most commonly residing in Europe, Asia, and Australia. However in certain circumstances we can expedite. We recommend making a Reservation and if for any reason we cannot accommodate your desired date, time or location, your deposit is fully refundable.

Q: Do I need to book a caterer or can noel.events book food on our behalf?

A: We work with only the best and cover a wide range of options. As with all services, you just simply select and we take care of the rest.

Q: Are we able to have a sit-down meal?

A: Of course, from casual to fine dining, we have it all.

Q: Do you provide buffets?

A: Yes, buffet, pass hors d’oeuvres and plated, we have it all.

Q: Can we bring our own alcohol?

A:  Rules vary from location to location. Sometimes there is a corkage fee.

Q: Do you allow chairs and tables?

A:  Most of our indoor / outdoor terrace locations come with chairs and tables. And our outdoor locations where chairs or tables are permitted will have the option to select with your package. Please submit the request in your reservation and your specialist will inform you of your options.

Q: What if someone in my party is disabled and can’t walk very far, or needs a chair?

A: If someone in your party requires wheelchair access, please advise us in advance, so we can plan a route that is easy for them to take. Should individuals in your party require chairs please request and we will add them to your package. Chairs are able to be provided in all circumstances for disabled.

Q: Can we book our wedding cake through noel.events or do we need to bring our own wedding cake?

A: We work with exceptional wedding cake bakers and are happy to provide your wedding cake. Our profile system lets you select the type of cake, frosting and design from your device!

Q: Who decorates the space we have booked at our location?

A: noel.events can provide decor for your location. noel.events has a noteworthy team of floral designers and decorators to put together your complete vision.

Ceremony & Happening Questions

Q: Can I have an indoor Happening?

A: Absolutely. We offer indoor and outdoor events depending on the location you choose.

Q: What if it rains the day of my event?

A: noel.events checks weather constantly and cross references with upcoming events.We also provide weather contingency plans, if you have chosen an outdoor event. You will be notified within 72 hours if rain is expected to discuss a back-up plan, and 24 hours before the event, if the chances of rain have increased.

Miscellaneous Questions

Q: Do you plan destination weddings for people outside of the United States?

A: Yes! Many of our clientele are from overseas. We are happy to provide clients from all over the world with a ceremony of their dreams.

Q: Should we have party favors and who will be able distribute them?

A: noel.events can help you not only distribute, but also provide party favors. Please check with your event manager on what you have in mind, and then your locatoin manager will take care of all the distribution.

Q: Do you offer rehearsals?

A: noel.events offers a walk-through at your location prior to your Happening date, though many of our customers elect to combine the walk-through with the rehearsal. Our team is more than happy to assist you in this request.

Q: How far in advance do I need to plan the details of my event?

A: IThe first portion of planning takes place with Create and Reserve. The second part is after you have made your reservation you will be given your own Happening Profile and Intake Team, which allows you to refine all of the details. Than six weeks prior to your Happening you are assigned your own Personal Happening Manager and Location Manager who will review all and confirm all the required details in order and confirm and implement production.

For further questions please Create a pending reservation which will allow you to schedule a conversation with our Happening specialist. Please note pending reservations do not require a purchase and do not obligate you in anyway.