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Step 1 : Select your Happening

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Create your Happening with a world class event designer. Tom Noel’s vast understanding of timeless traditions and an innovative eye for the future. We believe great happenings are turning your visions into reality. IDoCelebrate offers a simple solution to a complicated process.

IDoCelebrate is a full service planning and production service provider that covers a wide range of Happenings.
We have highly iconic locations across the country, providing breathtaking backdrops to your Happening.
You may pick one of our all-inclusive packages or build a custom package all offered through Tom Noel’s design expertise and created for your inspiration. All packages have been carefully tested and proven with spectacular results.
Whether its food, flowers, or photography, you are able to put together the perfect combination to suit your particular needs.Even though we are confident in our excellent team member contributors, IDoCelebrate is an open service provider. We understand you might already have some services covered, therefore we are happy to work with them since your comfort is most important to us.

Follow steps 1, 2, 3, & 4 and then you are well on your way to your perfect day! If along the process you should require some assistance, our expert team of specialists are available to answer any questions you might have.


You have created your happening; Now it’s time to bring it to life! With IDoCelebrate the complete planning and production process is accessible to you from any place, any time. You have total control with the full confidence of execution under Tom Noel’s talented team to assist and guide all the way!

Privacy is paramount. At IDoCelebrate, we will not share any of your information without your direct consent.
Selecting Pending Reservation will immediately email your Happening details and record locator, as well as, offer a consultation with a Specialist. Feel free to share your happening with others and when you are ready to start our services, simply click on Reserve.
*Note: A Pending Reservation does not hold a reservation or engage services.

Upon selecting Reserve, you will be immediately directed to pay a 5% deposit. This officially engages our services and lets the planning process begin! Now that you are an IDoCelebrate customer, our team will begin to secure your date, time, & location details.
*Note: If we are not able to provide you with the date, time, & location requested, your deposit is 100% refundable.
By using your record locator, you will have secure access to your Profile. Your Profile includes everything you have ordered, which you can make changes to whenever you desire like, cut/paste photos, video, or songs, review/refine menus and do much more to refine your vision. Your Profile and Planning team are available to you from anywhere, any time by a click, call or chat!
Six weeks prior to your Happening, you will be assigned to your own personal Event Manager. This person will oversee, as well as, be the liaison between you and all your team members and services. Your personal Event Manager will prepare and present a back-up plan for inclement weather. One-week prior with your Profile complete and all the details to your liking, your Event Manager will be monitoring the weather and communicating with you options to ensure successful results. Your Event Manager will confirm your complete Team 72, 48, & 24 hours prior to your Happening and to empower our vast Team resources, in the case that a backup Team member is required.
Your Event Manager is most knowledgeable on all of your specific details and will coordinate with you to set up your walk-through based upon your availability.
We recommend (not required) a walk-through of your Happening typically two weeks to one-day prior. This is done with your Location Manager. The Location Manager is your in-person contact, an expert on your location and the day of coordination. Working with your Event Manager and your Team, the Location Manager will be with you from your walk-through to your Happening. You will be given a map-link with a specific meet location. Your Location Manager, holding signage indicating your Happening, will greet you at the meet and from there will walk you through the entire site and review schedule.
Your Plan is in place! Now, its time to make the magic happen! Two hours prior, your Event Manager will contact you with confirmation that your Team and all details are in order. Your Location Manager will arrive to the designated meet location (map-link provided) one hour before and will review locations, get into position to check-in Team Members and report to your Event Manager. The Location Manager will now be in position to accept you and your guests, while your Event Manager is carefully watching over all the details.

Your vision with IDoCelebrate includes precise planning and expert assistance that effectively and efficiently transforms your creation into reality in these simple steps.


On the morning of your big day, you can wake up peaceful and excited knowing all of your work is done and you will be able to attend your Happening as a guest worry free! Now, comes the fun! Knowing your efforts in planning have been put into motion by the knowledgeable and capable IDoCelebrate team, enjoy this time by getting ready to be with your guests, as you prepare to attend your Happening. Everything else, we have covered as we stand by Tom Noel’s philosophy that, “a well produced event allows clients to attend their own event as a key-guest with worry-free, knowing and believing that everything is being tended to their satisfaction”. With both your Event Manager and On-Location Manager overseeing everything, you will be fully immersed in enjoying your day’s events as they unfold. Our Team celebrates when your Happening exceeds your expectations! At IDoCelebrate, we believe that memories are our true gold. It is with great pleasure and honor that we were able to help you create and produce a beautiful life long memory for you and your’s.

  • Shannon these pics are Phenomenal! There are truly no words that I can express My Gratitude to you and Jim and Steve. You made our day Flawless. A Million Thanks. God bless and I will Certainly Recommend your services to everyone. Thanks again Renee and Gilbert. 

    Renee & Maxwell
  • From the moment I called them they Kept In Constant Contact with me. I had Every Questioned Answered and Felt Assured that anything I wanted I could have as far as extra services. I appreciate that everyone involved from the planner to the photographer were Very Enthusiastic about my day, even though I know they do this a Million Times A Year, well a thousand. Haven’t received the photos yet or else I would rate them 5.0 overall.

  • Firstly, both myself and my new husband would love to say a Massive Thank You for yours and your teams efforts and contributions to making our Special Day the Most Perfect ever. we are both Extremely Pleased with how everything went and we most definitely feel this is down to all of I Do New York’s efforts in Capturing Our Dreams. Please also pass on our thanks to the Florist and too the Harpist. The Music Was Beautiful and the Flowers Just Perfect. I am just disappointed i couldn’t bring my bouquet home and it had to be left in NYC.

    Karli & Ross
  • We are still getting comments on how Wonderful our Wedding ceremony was – Elegant but Simple and Relaxed, exactly what we wanted and your team was responsible for making it happen. Thank You again for everything you did!

    Mark & Cecile
  • Hi Tom! We just wanted to take some time to say thank you for everything! Our Wedding Day Was Everything We Hoped It Would Be.  Our guests had a Lovely Time and Tavern on the Green Handled The Event Beautifully.Thank you for everything you did to make sure that all the Details Were In Place.  We are looking forward to seeing the pictures and video! We were actually wondering where the cakes came from?  They Were Wonderful and we would be interested in using that company in the future. Thanks Again For Everything.
  • Thank You for the organization of the wedding, Everything Was Perfect and we really enjoyed that day. It was Very Easy to organize the wedding with them. That was the most important for us – Everything Went Smoothly. I think it was perfect. It is an Easy way to Organize the ceremony. Actually, the Couple Does Not Have To Do Anything, respect to the ceremony. Thanks for everything.

    Fernando & Eva
  • Sometimes the attention to detail and responsiveness was a bit lacking earlier in the process but this reflects that they have to keep the costs low. On the day, the Event Was Perfect, the Staff Were Amazing and the Photographer and Officiant were Absolutely Fabulous. Overall I would Highly Recommend the Idoteam to organize a NYC wedding.

  • I Was Very Happy With Everything. This was a last minute surprise ceremony and it went all according to plan. Everyone Was Very Helpful, especially considering the tight schedule. The Officiate and Photographer Were Great. I would Definitely Recommend I Do Celebrate to everyone.

  • Thank You! You made the Most Romantic proposal! Greetings from #Mexico !!

    Viri Alvarez

  • I just wanted to say once again Thank you so so much for all you did for us on and before December 20th. We really have asked for a more Beautiful Day. Everything was Perfect and that was down to you Shannon, so thank you so much.

    Catherine & Barry
  • My Experience Was Beyond Perfect. The day of my wedding Everything Was Just As I Had Envisioned. My experience was beyond perfect. The day of my wedding everything was just as I had envisioned. I believe the I Do New York Team are Capable Of Achieving Anything a bride would want. Eternally Grateful for all the help and support during our wedding process!!

    Veronica & Felix
  • I just wanted to say a Huge Thank you for all your help, our wedding was Amazing and we had the most Wonderful Time.

    Rachael & Matthew
  • Thank You so much for all your help! The Ceremony Was Beautiful and could not ask for anything more!!

    Ela & Serg
  • I Do New York made planning my Central Park Wedding Super Easy! We really Enjoyed Working with I Do New York for our wedding in Central Park. Our wedding planners made me Feel At Ease on our wedding day. I just showed up and Everything Was Ready! The flowers were Beautiful. Our photographer was Wonderful…Overall, it was a wonderful Experience!

    Libby & Ryan
  • Thank You for your Kind Assistance on our special day—everything Worked Out Perfect!!
    Thank You to all involved, a Great Day and a very good arrangement.Thanks again and take care!


    Peter and Johan
  • Thank You for your input considering our wedding-day and more…We’re On Air Now !!!!

    Esther & Harald
  • Wanted to let you know the Wedding Was Perfect & we were So Happy with everything! you did an Amazing Job! you are great at what you do! again, Thank You again for everything so Very Much!


    Abby & Eric
  • Julie, We were Beyond Satisfied with our ceremony and all the preparations and everything. You all did an Amazing Job, and we are So Thankful to you for making our wedding so Perfect And Special! I appreciated that you offered Packages, Which Made It Clear what was and was not included. At the same time, you were Very Flexible in accommodating those things that were important to us. I called around to several different companies offering wedding packages similar to yours, but I chose I DO New York because You Were More Professional And Thorough. I think you did A Great Job of keeping things Simple without sacrificing Elegance. Instead of having to deal with multiple vendors, I was able to check that off my list because you were handling it. Since We Don’t Live In New York, it was such a Relief to have your input and recommendations To Guide Us. I will Definitely Recommend I Do New York to others. You Are Very Competent, and You Delivered Everything As Promised. Plus, you have great connections. Jim Covington gave us a Beautiful Ceremony. Our Musician and Photographer were WAY Beyond our expectations. They did such an Amazing Job. Some of the photos Look Like I Cut Them Out Of A Magazine. Shannon is a true artist, and so easy to work with! Thanks Again!


    Kelly & Adrian
  • Julie, Thank You so much for making our wedding day so special. Everything Went Without Any Problems and that is down to your Excellent Organization! The process from Start To Finish was Very Easy and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help! Thank you so much again for all your help and we’ll be Sure To Recommend you if we know of anyone else going to New York to get married


    Graham & Sarah
  • Julie, Ioan and I really want to say a Heartfelt Thank You to you. None of us saw that rain coming and we couldn’t have Rearranged It As Quickly And Efficiently as it was done without you. Thank you


    Danielle & Loan
  • Julie, I wanted to send you a quick note to say Thank You. The wedding could not have gone any better and certainly was a Wedding That People Dream About. The pictures that we have received are Stupendous and Sharon did an Excellent job. Some of the poses are So Unique and I would Certainly Recommend her to anyone. The justice of the peace or officiate could not have been nicer. I wasn’t sure what to expect but thought it might be slightly impersonal but that was not the case at all. He Took The Time to get to know us before the service and it Felt Like A Friend performing the service which by the way both Neil and I thought the words he used was the Nicest Ceremony we have heard. Of course we may be a bit biased. The makeup Artist Shane Was Also Great and he did exactly what I asked for and was a nice man. I would Certainly Recommend him to anyone. When people ask Neil and I how everything we went we respond it was for us the wedding you picture but sometimes don’t achieve but for us we did and for that we cannot express Our Appreciation to you . Take care and if you need someone to give you a reference please be sure to include my name.


    Dawn & Neil
  • I would have no hesitation whatsoever in Recommending you and Your Team to anyone planning to get married in New York. You didn’t just meet our expectations, you Exceeded them In Every Respect and we are Very Grateful to you all for that. Everything you arranged on our behalf was Flawless and having you there meant we could enjoy the ceremony itself as you had all the Details covered, Seemingly Effortlessly and very discreetly. Thank you very much, we are very grateful and it wouldn’t have been as Perfect as it was without your help.


    James & Charlotte
  • Andrew and I have just arrived Back In Australia after our Trip Of A Lifetime. We would just like to take this opportunity to Thank You and Ashley for all your help in Organizing The Most Important Day Of Our Life. It was perfect and We Couldn’t Of Asked For Any More. The whole Day Was Amazing and Andrew and I have Not Stopped Smiling about it since. I am sure we will have some Amazing Pictures as Christine was Fantastic And So Generous with her time, We Truly Appreciate all her hard work also. Thank You once again for all your help and making our wedding day a Day We Will Never Forget.

    Stephanie & Andrew
  • Shannon, I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You So Much for helping Create The Most Perfect Proposal in Central Park. From the start you were Extremely Friendly and above and beyond helpful through the entire process. Everything Went According To Our Plan and turned out just like I had envisioned it! I can not express How Happy I Was with how it turned out and you were right, Everything Did Run Smooth! You have helped make a Great Start To The Next Chapter in Nicole’s and my lives! The whole flight home she talked about it and even managed to get the flowers from Central Park home! She had a death grip on them through the airport security and was not going to take no for an answer! After getting home last night, we stopped by friends and family and she shared the entire proposal story and received Amazing Reactions and many comments of “I Wish I Had A Proposal Like That” which makes me feel great because I Had Promised her that she would have A Story To Share! Thanks again for everything! Have a Merry Christmas!


    Mike & Nicole
  • Melissa and I wanted to Thank You and your staff For All Your Help in making our Special Day Perfect. She was So Surprised and she Loved Everything. We will Forever Remember that moment and Our Amazing Night in central park!! Thanks again!!

    Zach & Melissa
  • Having arrived home on Sunday We Still Cant Believe what an Amazing Day we had, we can’t Thank You enough for all your help in making our wedding day a day we will Always Remember with the most Fondest Of Memories of such a wonderful time Of Our Lives. We couldn’t have asked for anything more Perfect. So thank you so much Shannon you and your Team Were Fantastic. As we live in England, we corresponded with Shannon at the I Do team via email, we were of course slightly nervous not being able to speak to the I Do team face to face but every email we sent was Answered The Same Day. We obviously had lots of questions and Shannon answered everything for us with lots of information Putting Us At Ease. A few days before the wedding we met the I Do team in Central Park to have a walk through and we found this to be fantastic and a Great Help. On the actual wedding day Shannon and two of her colleagues were there to assist ourselves and the wedding party. They were Absolutely Fantastic, we could not fault anything at all. They made our special Day Magical with all their organizations and such Lovely People To Work With. They were truly amazing and will Never Forget what Shannon and her colleagues did for us. We have Lovely Memories that we will never forget thanks to the Amazing I Do Team. We would Absolutely Recommend I Do New York in the future, without a doubt They Are Amazing. They took any Stresses Away from us so we could Enjoy The Day without worrying too much about any of the planning. If we were having any further celebrations in New York we would Most Definitely speak to the I Do team to assist us. Shannon is fabulous and without her help we doubt our wedding day would have been so perfect. Thank You Shannon xoxo

    Sarah & Matthew
  • Working with I Do New York Was Great everything went as planned and it was a Beautiful venue.

    Stacey & Donald
  • Thank You So Much… we could not have done it without you… You Guys Are Great! Thanks again. I Do New York was Excellent and Very Professional – everything was On Time to the tee and nothing left out. Very Accommodating. Hire more people like Shannon & Anais, everything was taken care of for us.

    Rick & Hollie
  • Thank You all for your Invaluable Help and services for our wedding on July 15, 2012 in Cop Cot. You made the process of planning our wedding Smoother and Stress-free that on the day of, we were able to enjoy ourselves and Be Happy. Special thanks to Shannon.

    Yozen & Sharifah
  • We are Enjoying our time as husband and wife. The Wedding in NY Was A Hit With Everyone that attended – everything turned out Amazing and we cannot Thank You enough.

    Sarah & Greg
  • Working with “I Do New York” Was Pleasant and Comfortable, knowing everything was getting done behind the scenes. I Would Recommend I Do New York in the future. Having “I Do New York” handle the preparation allowed us to focus on the Joy Of The Day not the details of the planning.

    Michael & Elizabeth
  • Wonderful, Shannon was great – planning a wedding from Australia so mostly done over the phone, she got back to me quickly and Answered All My Questions and concerns… and on the Day it Was AmazingNo Stress or worry about everything. I wanted planning the wedding and the wedding day to be as stress free and painless as possible.. Shannon was Very Professional, calm and made both Troy and I completely relaxed through the whole process. I was very pleased with I Do New York. Our wedding was just how I had hoped it would be… Thank You Very Much.

    Elizabeth & Troy
  • It absolutely Exceeded Our Expectations. They Promptly Answered every question we had during the planning process. The day of the Event Was Flawless, and I Do New York had every base covered. Far Exceeded Our Expectations. The wedding was So Beautiful, and every service they provided was Top Notch. When I saw the bouquets and flowers on our wedding day, I Was Speechless. They were absolutely beautiful and Far Beyond what I expected. I would Absolutely Recommend there services. I Don’t Think Anyone In NY Should Get Married Any Other Way. Shannon and her Team Did A Phenomenal job. We Couldn’t Have Been Happier with the process and the wedding itself. We had no idea what to expect when we showed up at the Conservatory Garden. But you had Listened To All of my questions and input and Put Together A Dream Wedding we couldn’t have ever imagined. The Site, and the Flowers and Everything was like something Out Of A Dream. It was so beautiful and we Truly Thank you for everything you did to make our wedding day the Best Day Of Our Lives.

  • Thank You so much for your part in our Perfect Day! The Coordination of the entire ceremony, start to finish, Was Excellent. We had No Stress because you took care of everything. The Bouquets And Boutonnieres were absolutely Gorgeous. Jim Covington was fantastic, so well spoken and genuine and we Loved that he included all of our guests into the Ceremony. Kristina was amazing and kept us Right On Schedule, we can’t wait to see all of the pictures! Scott’s music Was Beautiful, sure wish the park could have allowed it to be amplified a bit. We loved that you Listened To What We Asked For and then made our day Exactly How We Imagined it would be. Thank you so much for being a part of the Memories We’ll Carry For A Lifetime!

    Patricia & Robert
  • Thank You so much for all your Professional Work And Assistance during our wedding ceremony last Saturday at Ladies Pavilion! (21st of April) What A Magical Moment!! You and Jaqueline did such a Tremendous Job!
    We Felt All Your Warmth, Sensitivity and of course – your professional attitude all along. It all Worked Out Beautifully in the end!! We´re now back in Stockholm again – with a Memory To Treasure Well (and with a very bad cold…!) But that´s ok – We Couldn’t Have Asked For Anything Else regarding our whole NYC-trip, our wedding ceremony, the weather, your work etc. It was so nice of You To Really Listen to our (mostly mine) wish to Make The Place And The Moment at Ladies Pavilion as much Personal And Private as it could be – you really made that Perfect – and What A Joy to have all the other people (not family) respectfully listening and watching at us… Cool! The signs you did where perfect! So..We´re Happy we got to work with you – and we will Definitely Recommend you to our friends. Perfect! Very Professional (Shannon & Jaqueline) and very sensitive to what we wanted and how to make our ceremony into something Very Special & Personal. Brilliant! We wanted The Best, we got The Best! Our deepest regards & love to Shannon & Jaqueline who made our Special Day Magic!!

    Michael & Erik
  • Thanks so much for Arranging Everything Perfectly. Lauren was really surprised! It Was The Best Day. The Flowers were Beautiful, the Violinist was Outstanding, and we Loved the Photographer as well.

    James Jen & Lauren
  • Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! You and your team helped to make our special day FANTASTIC!!! I will definitely be recommending your services to anyone I know who wants a special Wedding Day!! Exceeded Our Expectations. Both my husband and I live in NJ and wanted a company who knew their way around NYC to help Guide Us Through The Process. Not only did I DO New York guide us, they took on all aspects of the ceremony – followed up, communicated on a regular basis about what was done, what needed to be done, etc. I Did Not Have To Follow Up With the, at all – They Were Right There with us ALL THE TIME. the folks at I DO New York were able to work with us to Meet Our Individual Needs – they Kept Calm under pressure and helped us (as the bride and groom) to be really Stress-free about our wedding ceremony from Beginning To End! THAT’s More Than We Expected! At the last minute, I had to add a bouquet – and Shannon from I Do New York came through… over a holiday weekend and everything else… she managed to get the bouquet for me!!! I cannot Thank her and her Team Enough!! Finally… during the ceremony – there was an instigator in the public.. Shannon and her assistant were right there diffusing the situation. One of our big male guests came to their aid… but EVERYONE at our wedding commented on how “On The Ball” the staff was. In fact, I Will Recommend to people to get married in Central Park and use I Do New York!! Thank you again for such A Lovely Day and many years of a Great Memory!! 🙂

    Debra & Andrew
  • Once again Thank You so much. She Loved Every Bit Of It.

    Jamar Chaney
  • Alison and myself would like to Thank You for arranging a Truly Fantastic and Enjoyable Day that neither of us will Ever Forget. Please pass on our thanks to Kristina the photographer who we are sure will give us Magical Photo’s. Everything was Well Organized and Ran Smoothly for us even the weather turned out nice. Once again many thanks for Your Time And Patience. Once again thank you for all your hard work and we still Cannot Believe how the day went So Smoothly. All this Arranged by e-mail truly Amazing. Really helpful and kind. Nothing was too much trouble. They Were Professional. Speedy replies to questions I Do New York Exceeded Our Expectations. Day was excellent, well organized and Memorable.

    Trevor & Alison
  • Thank You so much for your part in our Perfect Day! The Coordination of the entire ceremony, start to finish, Was Excellent. We had No Stress because you took care of everything. The Bouquets And Boutonnieres were absolutely Gorgeous. Jim Covington was fantastic, so well spoken and genuine and we Loved that he included all of our guests into the Ceremony. Kristina was amazing and kept us Right On Schedule, we can’t wait to see all of the pictures! Scott’s music Was Beautiful, sure wish the park could have allowed it to be amplified a bit. We loved that you Listened To What We Asked For and then made our day Exactly How We Imagined it would be. Thank you so much for being a part of the Memories We’ll Carry For A Lifetime!

    Patricia & Robert
  • Thank you for the organization of the wedding, Everything Was Perfect and we really enjoyed that day. It was very Easy To Organize the wedding with them. That was the most important for us – Everything Went Smoothly. I think it was perfect. It is an easy way to organize the ceremony. Actually, The Couple Does Not Have To Do Anything, respect to the ceremony. Thanks for everything.

    Fernando & Eva
  • Working with “I Do New York” Was Pleasant and Comfortable, knowing everything was getting done behind the scenes. I Would Recommend I Do New York in the future. Having “I Do New York” handle the preparation allowed us to focus on The Joy Of The Day not the details of the planning.

    Michael & Elizabeth
  • The wedding pictures have just arrived today. They Are Stunning! We are delighted with how they look. We had a Dream Wedding in NYC, and Appreciate All The Work you guys put in to make it So Special. The flowers in particular were Amazing! Once again, thank you so much for every thing you did for us. We Are Now Thinking About A Divorce So We Can Do It All Over Again!!!

    Richard & Jenny
  • We were Extremely Happy with the whole of your service From Start To Finish. It was really a Stress Free experience which is to your credit. Communication through out Was Amazing and everyone loved the ceremony. Arranging the wedding from such a distance would have been difficult but Shannon Made It So Easy. Her communication was extremely prompt answering every question and providing advice along the way. There was NO stress at all, and we had Absolutely No Concerns as we felt comfortable in placing all our trust in her. As my mother could not travel from the UK we were able to skype her Thanks to Shannon arranging for one of the ushers to hold the iPad. This was extremely important to us as it meant she could be there and that no one else had to worry about it and miss being apart of the ceremony. We had an Amazing Day, the planning and lead up was All Covered, nothing was too much trouble and the was no stress at all. You Thought Of Everything. Thank You So Very Much

    Julian & Andrew
  • Again thank you for Helping Me Plan All Of This, you made it so Efficient and Enjoyable! I Do New York met and Exceeded My Expectations. They are Very Easy To Work With and have Great Ideas.

    Ben & Megan
  • I just wanted to say Thank You for all your help this past weekend to Make Our Wedding in Shakespeare’s Garden Absolutely Perfect!! Your team was Very Professional, but personal. It really made the whole process Very Stress Free and I truly Couldn’t Have Asked For Anything more. As far as the pictures…..the Photographer Was Wonderful. I appreciate her hanging in there with us and getting some shots after. She really Made It Easy and never gave us a rushed feeling! Once again…..thank you for everything!! You and your team really Made It Perfect!!

    Jennifer & Sam
  • I just wanted to Thank You very much For Organizing everything for Our Special Day. It was a Beautiful day and everything seemed to work out just fine. Adam and I are Very Grateful For All Of Your Help. Our photographer was Amazing! Again A Big Thank You to you and your team.

    Rebecca & Adam
  • Thank You. We also wanted to thank you for a Wonderful Wedding day. Everything Was Perfect. Production Staff Were Perfect. The Photographer and the Musician Were Great. We could not have asked for a better day.

    Zanita & Tara
  • Thank You once again for making our day Amazing! I can’t wait to see the photos. Please thank our Photographer again for us she was so Great. It really was an Amazing Day. Please thank Sarah again too. It’s been crazy busy since we have been back but we watched the video quickly and the ceremony was so Beautifully Written.

    Kasie & Bianca
  • Mrs. Lock here 🙂 Just want to give you a MASSIVE Thank you to yourself and your team. They were all So Professional. We had a Phenomenal Time. The Photographer Was Brilliant, can’t wait to see her photos….. 🙂 We Wish You all the Best In Your Career and will 100% Recommend you to all. Thank you again for all your hard work.”

    Karen & Alun

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