My Aussie as well as I have actually been all together for 5 years currently. Thus, ya, a long period of time. And I adore the Aussies, yet allow me inform you, there are some things about dating an Australian male that I discovered EXTREMELY various regarding dating a United States man. Nothing negative, but just different. It may be a culture trait or the entire “you consistently desire what you can’t have” point, but I positively adore dating an Aussie.


I constantly discovered the method United States fellas try to obtain females was actually a little aggressive. The United States young boys adore to participate in games along with females, and the whole grinding factor? Yuck. The flirting/hooking up activity was actually thus various in Australia! As well as the alcohol consumption culture? Americans drink to get intoxicated and walk out, Aussies really love a draft beer along with nearly just about anything as well as beverage due to the fact that they usually take pleasure in the taste (they simply get hammered in method of enjoying all this liquor!). Additionally, the entire “Live to function – Work to reside” attitude is actually thus noticeably different between both societies.

Anyways, allow’s be actually true, my man does observe the Aussie stereotypes– Golden-haired hair, surfer, beach front bottom, brings in a meanspirited BARBEQUE, loves an excellent beer, and experiences a kangaroo to work! Simply joking, he doesn’t as if beer that much … Yet he is actually undoubtedly a best gent. (Excited with my use of Aussie slang? I wager you are actually!) Anyways, I adore dating an Australian and also listed here are actually the reasons:

This message is actually totally based on my encounter dating a few United States and also Aussie guys, and in no chance making an effort to generalise the American as well as Australian populace. Simply individual choice. Soz.

1. I don’t really recognize some of his pals true titles

“Muzza”, “Jordo”, “Pinky”, “Lawz”, “Smithy”. What ever happened to names like “John”, “Tom” as well as “Mike”? Yet very seriously? It is actually odd.

Also Known As: He is actually unexplainable.

2. He is actually fearless to useless weak United States typical bugs

I find a crawler, I howl. The Aussie comes in, observes the spider and also mentions “that’s it?” Every person knows that Australia has some wild and also frightening critters that are actually ultimately bent on kill you, so the little and unintimidating bugs here are nothing at all to the Aussie kind. As well as hello, he may effortlessly participate in off as my hero when he records a crawler!

AKA: He is actually a fearless badass hero who gushes me with his valor.

3. Certainly not possessing pork in a dish is actually undesirable

Yes, there are actually vegetarian Australians, but after dating my Aussie and also fulfilling most of his friends, every food demanded some sort of pork (usually BBQ of types) otherwise it was actually thought about as only a starter. I the moment presumed I could stun my man with a truly great tasting grain soup for supper, simply to hear “but where’s the hen?” He in fact left behind, bought cooked chick, as well as had the nerve to place it in my soup and claim, “There our company go. Once’s a food!” Training knew.

Also Known As: He recognizes what he yearns for and also he knows just how to receive it.

4. Americans love his accent

I, being among the Americans that loved his tone, certainly, yet the Aussie will go to bench, smile at a person (behaving, certainly not flirty) as well as they will salute as well as stop to their close friends. The minute he starts speaking, it’s as if someone merely shouted “FREE NUTELLA!!!” All eyes on him– “Is that an accent I listen to? OMG, where are you from?” Forgive me, he is actually mine. Reverse, please.

AKA: His accent is actually warm.

5. Referring tones, everything he claims always sounds far better

To this particular day, I am rather sure I haven’t actually paid attention to what the Aussie has actually been stating. I just obtain also sidetracked keeping that emphasis. He can say, “I only produced a couple of cheese curds in my jeans while kissing a whale” and I am actually listed here like ** whimper ** That was warm, caress me right now! * glowing *

Also Known As: Once again, his emphasis is actually very hot!

6. If you don’t understand footy well, merely assist the same staff he performs

Aussie young boys are exceptionally dedicated to their footy team. If your guy selects the Geelong Cats, so do you. I listen to opting for footy teams can make or even crack a relationship. I have actually shed friends over this. Opt for carefully.

Also Known As: I suppose he’s loyal?

7. Regardless of just how much you combat it, they will constantly love their vegemite

I don’t obtain it nor will certainly I ever understand it, yet after relocating to the States, the Aussie skips his Vegemite. It was his best inebriated food items. It’s primarily solid left over salty draft beer mush. Smells dreadful and also palates terrible. Am I overlooking one thing? Somebody detail the allure, feel free to!

AKA: He consistently holds an item of house as well as possesses awful taste in breadstuff escalates.

8. As a Melbourne Young boy, he is an entitled coffee pretender

I’ll admit, Melbourne has an astonishing coffee scene. If you check out any sort of tour manual for Melbourne, the initial thing stated to see are the laneways as well as cafe. Serious! Melbournians possess every right to be coffee snobs! So the very first time the Aussie was in Los Angeles, he can certainly not locate ANY coffee, yet after a year approximately, purposely, we discovered coffee bar that pleases his coffee snobery being thirsty. Think of remaining in China where coffee does not fulfill his requirements? 2 hrs and an attempt to review Chinese mapquest eventually, no complete satisfaction.

Also Known As: He ases if elegant items. An excellent standard white is extravagant, ideal?

9. Evidently they do not have opportunity to talk completely worded sentences

“Fulfill me for a bevi this arvo?” For all the non Aussies reviewing this, performed anybody know that? That implied “allow’s get an alcoholic beverage this mid-day.” It is actually funny. It feels like they lessen all their phrases given that they don’t possess sufficient opportunity to formulate full paragraphes! It must be a crucial appointment or even something … I’ve learned to like it. It’s endearing.:-RRB- Also Known As: He is actually reliable.

10. He puts on thongs

He wears thongs with certainty as well as does not care who’s seeing! He used his thongs to reach the Great Wall of China, on the seashores of Indonesia, motorbiking and even to sporting matches. Oh, as well as our company contact thongs, flip disasters. But still flip flops to the Great Wall of China? Begin, buddy …

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