T.N. Bio:
Tom Noel has immersed in the design industry since childhood. With over 25 years of design experience working alongside with Robert Isabell, founder and CEO of Robert Isabell Incorporated, and Philip Baloun, founder and CEO of Philip Baloun Designs (to name a few), he has created an impressive portfolio of prestige, elegance, and variety. Through his experience, Tom has transformed venues and placed himself at the forefront of the event world. Presently, Tom Noel is projecting his love for design and his creativeness through an innovative endeavor that broadcasts the benefits of design to the personal/professional lives of others.
About Section:
How IDoCelebrate Came To Be:

After 25 years of being a private designer and still in the height of his career, Tom Noel wanted to provide his skills to a more broader public. During a walk in Central Park in 2008,  Tom Noel realized that there would always be a market for the design industry but in that market, there was not one business who provided the same exclusiveness of a private designer but at a competitive rate of less than half of the costs of what clients are currently paying. Thus, this revelation started what IDoCelebrate is today. With years of research and outstanding results, Tom Noel has innovated the design industry world through his business model of IDoCelebrate. With a team of skilled professionals that are constantly available online through the inception/planning stage to completion, Tom Noel has proved that precious, unforgettable moments should not and will not be subjected to a price tag. Tom Noel’s dedication is translated to each IDoCelebrate event/ceremony which ultimately reassures IDoCelebrate’s company motto:


“The most valuable and important thing we can deliver is an unforgettable memory.”

IDoCelebrate Celebrates YOU!
IDoCelebrate is a first-of-its kind brand that empowers individuals to book uniquely tailored indoor and outdoor events at the most exquisite locations in 5 major cities: Boston, New York, Miami, San Francisco, and Washington DC. Every event and ceremony is assigned to our professional team of planners, event managers, and production. Through IDoCelebrate’s booking system, you are able to choose from one of the pre-selected packages or design your own. You may also choose multiple dates, times, locations, and edit any information through your own individualized portfolio accessible to you and our team 24/7. Our goal is to ensure that every step of the process, from browsing and creating packages to booking and attending, will ease, elate, and exceed all your expectations.